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we are leaving tomorrow morning and staying over in Tulsa. Then leaving Tulsa sunday and driving to Albuquerque then from there to Vegas so we should get to Vegas monday night sometime. Long drive ahead of us lol.
left by snooki 5 days ago
I just got 2 new bikinis today at Kohls they are super cute im bringing them both. I always over pack but better than under packing haha. I can't wait girly we are gonna tear up the town!
left by snooki 5 days ago
Oh and i usually am not a fan of Katy Perry but i actually like this song lol
left by snooki a week ago
Seriously can't wait girl!! We are gonna have alot of fun. Less than a week away <3
left by snooki a week ago
. link .

Totally my vacation song! Snooki let's get our nails did all Japanesey! LULZ... Straight stuntin' this is how we do!

left by skullfuckme a week ago

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