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left by in10sity777 3 hours ago
The way I see it if I can post my ugly mug on here anyone can. lol
left by record4 10 hours ago
I for one have no life anymore but I've never craved attention so much that I've taken to posting fake stuff on teh interwebz. That's just f-ing lame.
left by record4 15 hours ago
I always wish you lived closer to me so we could go out. I'm still excited for the wedding!! I get to dress up haha its been forever since ive been in a wedding. I'm so happy for you
left by snooki 20 hours ago
Exactly! This is a size medium/large and it fits me perfectly. If i was 300 lbs i wouldnt be able to fit in something like this. I am going out tonight i can't wait. Its cold as fUck here so i'm gonna freeze my aSs off lol. Are you doing anything this weekend?
left by snooki 20 hours ago

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