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Irishup- obviously you are a fake account hence the reason your shIt has not been approved. Get a life bItch and stop being a stalker. It's pretty creepy. Not to mention you are probably Connie and stole someone else's pictures to use. How sad and pathetic you are. You need a life.
left by skullfuckme yesterday
Sorry you get pushed to the limit with her, I hope one day things will turn out better.
left by sexyasstrisha 2 days ago
Awes what she do?
left by sexyasstrisha 5 days ago
The one I got was Garnier BL 21. I hope it turns out good on the red hair haha Hope you are having a fantastic day.
left by sexyasstrisha 5 days ago
Thanks pretty lady, I am thinking next time jet black haha. I do random stuff to my hair when I get depressed haha.
left by sexyasstrisha 6 days ago

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