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LMFAO!!! Seriously I'm literally laughing here. Fubar. Hey it just occurred to me that you could go back on there. Uhm you're real. I have a picture of me and you up and I have a salute. So that speaks volumes.
left by skullfuckme 5 hours ago
This just occurred to me while I was going through my pics on FU I have salutes from guys. I wonder if a guy would ever write his name on their cOck for Connie lmmfao... We should start calling her beat sauce porky bahahaha...
left by skullfuckme 7 hours ago
God why is that fat fUcking pig still stalking us? I'm not removing shIt out of my album. She's delusional if she thinks that. God she's fUcking UGLY!
left by skullfuckme 9 hours ago
wife ya up!
left by fakeout023 11 hours ago
hey whats goin on how have you been?

left by ghettokat 20 hours ago

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