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happy birthday, babe.
left by kingcharlie
I definitely would ;-)
left by buckey6
Ryan.. must i ask dod u use that comment with everyone? cuz im pretty sure ive seen that EXACT SAME SH!T on sum Other Pretty Ladies Profile?
And Yes LookdOntStaRe, Im sayin ur a pretty lady

left by atomic
YES. easy one, but i'm sure theres more to you than what meets the eye...i make even trivial answers such as 'yes/no' complex, so for me to say 'yes' must mean you're equally notable in your conversation skills. not to mention 90% of the people on this site are hardly worth the skin they attempt to 'sell' for a yes vote. a novel-like profile or a photo shoot of glamour shots couldn't do you justice, i'm hoping...if we're on the same page, i am just a click away, not far, and on my page. lets talk.
left by ryanc07
aww, I miss STL
left by dontdomilk

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