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ur bi thats gross u cow
left by Athletic_Manhood 2 days ago
I like it!
left by jfbadcat three weeks ago
Were you really trying for 'sexy'? Cuz you really nailed it sweetheart .
You are an extremely pretty, and damn sexy, girl. Im sure you've heard that hundreds of times. But its the guys who can think you're independent and sure of yourself to pull of what you have. Untamed gorgeousness sweetheart ;-)
PM me sometime, Id love to talk to ya. Later

left by cantstoprockin96
"I can count the number of people I've had sex with on one hand... can you?"

Oh honey, most of us would have to take off our shoes.

I've numbered my mistakes and still I kinds lost track.

left by Leg_Humperdink
Dam, So nice
left by eddog68

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