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You ladies look like you've been having fun on here . I haven't been around much. Have I missed anything good with whatsherface? haha
left by tokindan420 3 days ago
There's no way I'd walk down the strip in a dress and heels. Lol. This creepy curly haired guy with a ball cap sitting in a semi looking like a fUcking pedophile dude.
left by skullfuckme 3 days ago
Why is grandpa on here trying to get some action? That's just sick and fUcking yuck! *puke*
left by skullfuckme 3 days ago
Oh and I bought this cute little black lace dress that I could wear. I just got it and I haven't even worn it yet. The tag is still on it. ShiT the tag is still on some of the stuff I bought in Vegas. Not like I can wear it now anyway since it's frickin freezing outside. My hair will probably be a lot longer by then too. I'm thinking about doing the blue and black again when it gets a lil longer. I thought that looked cute af. It matches my personality I think. It also goes good with my eyes because my eyes naturally are black, but I wear blue or green contacts. This time I have green contacts. My husband wants me to do laser surgery on my eyes.
left by skullfuckme 4 days ago
There's a night club down there that is really popular that I see in a lot of music videos. That annoying guy wanted to take me there my last night I was there, but I went shopping instead and stayed in the rest of the night after that. I was prepared to sit at the airport all day and found out that I didn't have to do that at all. I want to go to the Venetian and do the gondola ride. It's so pretty. We should also try to make it down to Freemont Street too.
left by skullfuckme 4 days ago

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