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You sure are good looking
left by hung_aryan
left by Stlbryan2005
you are way too hottness
left by bobbysixkiller
you are fvcking sick.

If anyone makes fun or treats you horribly because you are not like them, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Even if you are judgemental and love to say crap about others that are different, how would you feel if this was your daughter that was kicked to death in the face until she was unable to be identified? Would you be able to sit and look at your daughter laying there on life support in the hospital? . link . Next time you see someone who is 'Gothic' or 'Preppy' or 'Punk' stop and think for a second about what happened to Sophie.

you should really be ashamed of what you said to that guy on his page. YOU are SUCH a winner.

left by scitxo
Ciao, como estai Bellisma?
left by Chilywily

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