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i need a roommate asap wanna cyb0ur n6a 4l6 postal code utube muz!C vide0 (Lyfe jennings ) "statics " . Dude your m!SSing (Portrait of an american familly) can we agree on utube muz!C vide0 (mousse T) "horny"
left by bakiningredents 16 hours ago
Hey girl, I just put that fake on ignore, it's connie once again.
left by xobellavitaxo yesterday
Well, you seem to maintain a positive attitude. Part of your charm. :-)
left by thereturnoftriem yesterday
Lol this fvckery is STILL going on???
left by Radaa yesterday
Yea this site has definitely taken a fall. I joined here YEARS ago. Used to be a lot of ppl and a lot less drama. Now there's not many ppl and a lot of drama lol I hope I can stay in touch with some of the people I met here if they ever shut this place down lol
left by tokindan420 yesterday

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