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Lol. You can thank me for her taking the fupa pic down. But yea, she does try to be like us. Even Claudia. Makes me feel bad for her.
left by Sexykittycat 2 hours ago
at least i dont have to photoshop my head on other peoples body to make myself look thin lmao.
left by snooki 10 hours ago
She has to weigh at least 300 and she is calling me fat lmao thats a joke. I may not be skinny but im no where near in the same league as that fat beast.
left by snooki 10 hours ago
I showed my friend her picture too and he said she looks like one of those fat demented dolls in a horror movie lmao. I say go for it and give him your number. At least you can actually get a good looking guy unlike beat sauce and her blow up dolls lol
left by snooki 22 hours ago
Her new profile picture scares me. Her face is fUcking creepy.
left by snooki 3 days ago

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